Tuesday, January 13, 2009

NextGenLinks - New Contextual Link Building Software

By Robert Fillaminion

[I:0:G]NextGenLinks is a new contextual link building service to improve your ranking in the search engines. This new services differs from most of it's competitors in that it provides contextual "deep" linking to every page on your site. Deep contextual linking is much better for search engine optimization and appears more natural to Google and the other search engines.

The new NextGenLinks service allows you a complete level of control over every link you both receive and send to others in the system. The limit on outbound links is five to prevent too much pagerank from leaving your pages. You can also automate the inbound link building which is the default if you do not want to control who links to you.

One problem I had was their spider did not discover all the pages on my website. Not sure where the bug is, but since the URL's are uploaded using a CSV file it was easy enough to make my own list. I'm sure the minor issues will be ironed out in time.

The interaction and customer service from Charles Kassotis the owner has been amazing so far. His replies are timely and complete. I have not had to submit a ticket yet so I have not had a chance to test the rest of the Help Desk.

The basic process after joining is to register your domains, add a small piece of code to your domains, spider your domains, optionally edit and upload a CSV file of urls and keywords, then wait for inbound backlinks and approve outbound links. A easy and fast system considering all thing, though the inbound links did seem to come in not so quickly, but I'm sure that will improve as more users are joined to the potential list of link partners.

I have hopes NextGenLinks will only continue to improve in the future yet am pleased with what I see from it so far. Contextual and deep linking is the way to go since it is so close to natural link building that Google will love it.

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