Friday, October 16, 2009

A Review of the Simple Men's Toega Slip On

By Chad Curtway

An interesting, 100% organic cotton shoe that slips on is called the Simple Men?s Toega slip on. Due to the way it is made, many ?green? people have taken a liking to the shoe.

Perhaps the main selling point for the Simple Men?s Toega slip on is the fact they make 100% sustainable shoes. People don?t want to just have to listen to the hype, they want the proof before buying. The Simple brand gives the consumer that.

If you are not one of the most environmentally conscious people in the world, there are other reasons why you might like the Simple Men?s Toega slip on.

First, the Simple Men?s Toega slip on is fairly cheap. The prices vary all across the internet, making them consumer-friendly. It?s no shock to find them as much as 25% or more off the original retail.

Furthermore, the shoes are very, very comfortable. The best part is they fit great even if you have flat feet (like myself). It?s hard finding a shoe that can feel comfortable for anyone. Those who have had this trouble won?t have to worry about that after the initial break in.

It does take a few days to get used to the textured sole on the bottom of the Simple Men?s Toega slip on, but once you are it?s great. If you have flat feet, these still work great.

The shoes selling point does go back to the eco-friendliness of the Simple Men?s Toega slip on. They contain no animal parts, and they are free of any man-made chemicals.

There are plenty of suppliers who advertise these shoes for great prices, so my best advice is to find the style you want and then search for a great price. Good luck!

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Mick (kwikksilva @t @t gmail dot dot com said...

These were one of the best pairs of shoes i ever purchased. They lasted me until 2012, when even though they were still going, they just started to look a little rough. They were amazing. They are IMPOSSIBLE to find now, How long did yours last?