Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are You Planning On Working In Spain?

By Sam Tonzenger

So, you want to immigrate to Spain, and you're wondering where you live. Well, you`d be wise to research the regions of Spain, and then decide which one you would live in. Don't immigrate on a whim. Are you planning on working in Spain? You might be lucky and after relocating to Spain you`ll still be working for the same company.

If You've been qualified in a profession or trade in Europe, you might wonder if your certificates and diplomas are recognized in Spain. You can find out when you present your certificates, diplomas, references, copies of your CV at the local Spanish consulate. Do this when you apply for your residency permit. Spain is one of the sought after places on earth to live and work in because of its better quality of life and living standard.

EU citizens can move freely without visas and work permits between EU countries. Immigrants from outside the European Union must apply to their local Spanish Consulate. Full time contract workers with TEFL qualifications are preferred by Spain for their international schools. The holiday coasts always need seasonal bar and restaurant servers. Although freelance Internet work is not Guaranteed but many of these specialist are working in Spain. When you apply be prepared to show a steady income stream.

There are many people who work for large organizations with headquarters in Europe, who'll continue to carry on working for the same company. The host company usually gives relocation assistance. Still other immigrants arrive in Spain to start a business or purchase an existing one. They will contribute to the economy. With the current world credit crunch and financial instability, housing and building starts are slowing and work such as laboring is harder to find. But, there are still opportunities for the well-qualified immigrant such as plumbers and electricians.

Before you arrive in Spain, you might want to hire the services of a Gestor (counselor) who can walk you through the red tape for real estate purchases. They can also help in your working and registering a small business. He or she can assist you in registering your business at your local town offices.

Becoming part of the Spanish social security system has its advantages, such as healthcare and your contributions will cover any dependants you may have. As you're thinking about a job in Spain access more than the traditional methods to search for one. It's best to search before you arrive. Do not accept casual or cash in hand work if you want to be protected by the Spanish employment law. There will be no contributions on your behalf into the social security system. In Spain there'll be no healthcare coverage. As I said earlier try to have your job secure before you arrive.

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