Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do You Really Need A Realtor To Sell Or Buy A Home?

By Maria Valenzuela

Not knowing the roles and responsibilities of a Realtor is the main reason why some people are still hesitant to hire one. Realtors are not all about how much they can get with their clients. In fact, they have more roles and duties than you think they have, but still some people have false beliefs until these days regarding their role in a real estate transaction. To make things clear, here are some of the most important things a Realtor can do for you:

1. Realtors direct buyers in finding the right financing for them.

2. Realtors can show and recommend which type of neighborhoods and homes can fit within the buyer's price range and individual preferences as well as lifestyle needs.

3. Realtors direct and set appraisals and contingency dates for you as well as the inspection details.

4. Realtors promote your properties to other Realtors, real estate agents, potential buyers on the MLS, and the local and regional media.

5. Realtors know different financing options as well as in identifying qualified lenders.

6. Realtors can assist you in the property selection process.

7. Realtors know a lot of professionals working in the field of real estate that can assist you in your home search.

8. Realtors can lead you in determining your buying power.

9. Realtors know what is currently happening in the real estate market condition .

10. Realtors know when, where and how to market your property well.

11. Realtors will help you objectively negotiate and evaluate every buyer's proposal without compromising your marketing position.

12. Realtors guide you through the closing process and make sure everything flows smoothly.

Think twice if you think you can save money by not hiring a Realtor. Doing it alone can be more costly than the commission a Realtor gets. A Realtor is intimately connected to real estate processes. Without one, knowing if homes for sale are right for you would be really difficult.

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