Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Fabricate Leprechaun Hat For St. Patrick's Day

By Neela Vazzana

A custom made bucket hat is definitely the fitting promotional item that you can adopt for the observation of St. Patrick's Day. It has a slight resemblance to the leprechaun's hats that makes it easy to outline it that way. If you would like to draft your very own promotional bucket hat with the hint of St. Patrick's Day, here are some of the easy steps to make it apt for the highly special holiday.

How to invent a Leprechaun Hat?

Materials Needed:

Green Bucket Hat Black Felt Paper Hot Glue Glue Gun Scissors Square Belt Buckle

Step One. Get a green bucket hat. These are permanently available in clothing stores and even in thrift shops.

Step Two. Measure the circumference of your very own promotional bucket hat using the measuring tape. Set it aside. Do the alike process with the black felt paper.

Step Three. Cut the felt paper according to the length that you have measured. Make sure to have an allowance of one inch. Trim it down to one and half inch wide. Fold inch on top and bottom of the felt horizontally. You can stitch it or have a glue to achieve even edges.

Step Four. Insert the black felt on the square belt buckle to make it appear like a mini belt. You can capitalize on hot glue to make it intact with the felt paper.

Step Five. Attach the custom imprinted belt on your green bucket hat. You can permanently carry your hot glue to stick it on.

Step Six. For finishing touches, you can cut out some shamrock leaves off the green felt paper. Cut three to five shamrock leaves off the green and black felt. The black should measure slightly bigger than the green ones because it will serve as the shadow or the outline of the leaf. Put the green one over the black and have the glue to cool down for a minute or two. Once it is done, put it as an additional design to your custom made bucket hat.

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