Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Stage Your Home in Today's Market

By Maria Valenzuela

Market and make your home catch every buyer inn these day's very aggressive real estate market. How? Stage your home right. Make the inside and the outside appear beautiful by un-decorating any signs of years of living as properly by letting go of your personal items to allow likely buyers to basically consider buying your home for sale. There are so a lot of approaches on how to phase your home for great 1st impressions and achieve that drive-by curb appeal. But there are the top 5 areas in your home where you need to focus on:

Exterior and Landscaping

Examine the exterior. Your home should be welcoming even when viewed from the curb. Give the exterior a nice and fresh look by keeping the lawn neat, trimming the bushes, removing the trash and any unnecessary stuff from your garage. Smarten up your landscaping with decorative elements like flower pots or hanging baskets on the porch.

Outside Structures

Repaint the doors, or shatters to freshen up your home and not only that it adds value to your home even if you have to spend and exert extra physical labor. But before you coat the doors or fences, be sure to check the structures if they are in good condition.


What looks good on you may not be that appealing to buyers because the fact still remains that beauty is the eye of the beholder. So, understand that potential buyers do not have the same taste as you. You might like the color of walls, but they may be that attractive to buyers. Try to paint the walls in neutral color instead. Moreover, clean. Clean. Clean. Clean everything especially the bathroom and the kitchen.

Organization Have a place for everything and put everything in its place. Reorganize and declutter in such a way that a small room can look bigger or larger. Until the sale is finished, have some room or temporary storage for your personal things.


Emphasize the strength of your house by inviting possible buyers to a specific place in your house like in the kitchen area or residing room. Add contemporary flowers, scented wax lights, palm towels, or bowls of berry to recommend an area in the residence where the spouse and children can gather together.

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