Friday, February 25, 2011

The Various Forms Of Problem Customers You Can Expect To Deal With As A New Company Owner

By Carroll Mcintosh

When running a new business, you will quickly find out people are in some cases absolutely stark raving mad. From the customer that cries with joy every time you contact them, through to the psychotic customer that is hell bent on your personal misery. These are five particular favourites.

First, meet the know-it-all customer. They are the leading world authority in what you do. Their expertise in your job is unrivalled. You are incapable of doing your job and beneath the know-it-all customer. It is perhaps ironic that it is normally this customer that manages to break things. Of course, you might have guessed- they are never at fault.

If you are a fan of soap operas, you will be familiar with the melodramatic customer. They panic at every given moment. While the melodramatic customer isn't a bad apple, they are generally a pain. Due to their constant mood of sheer terror, nothing will wait over the weekend. Witness a nervous breakdown when things really go wrong. Normally this is over something incredibly minor. Wait for them to cry down the phone to you!

The royalty customer is king (or queen!). Given the opportunity, they'd love to sign their emails in royal ink. This customer will communicate with you, whether it be by email or phone as if they are conducting an official state visit. They are also on a constant watch out, when you might slip up and not communicate with them with the utmost respect. You are beneath this customer. The royalty customer also assumes that all your other customers are largely insignificant and are to be served after they have finished. If there is ever a customer youd like to meet in a dark alleyway, this one is it.

We will introduce the cheap-ass customer shortly, as they are very like the devious customer. The devious customer spends their days labouring away on your website, checking prices. This customer will always take advantage of special offers and try and switch to that package. In their mind, you are overpriced and they are paying too much. They are always late with their bills, and constantly griping about how expensive you are.

Finally, meet the devious customer. They are just like the cheap customer, only with a nastier side. They will twist any situation to their own advantage. If they wish to cancel and avoid a cancellation fee, they will try ever means possible to wriggle themselves out of an agreement. Like with the other customers, they are best avoiding. There are many good customers though. Problem customers are a minority.

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