Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Concepts That Work to Write Solo Adverts that Really work

By Britney Simmons

If you wish to be successful together with your solo ad, you need to try to preserve it real. This means that your advertisements have to be of excellent quality in all ways. In this text we will probably be finding out three original concepts for solo ads that you could employ proper away. You'll find these tricks to be helpful even if you're trying to draw traffic to a tiny niche site about "vinegar toenail fungus treatment" or an e-commerce store that sells bridal gowns.

Adding a testimonial to your solo ad is a tactic that is underutilized. Why shouldn't you be using valid testimonials in your ads when you use them on your site? It will make your ad more believable and make people trust you. You will find that there are many ads out there that are total garbage and look very spammy. In order to stand out and make the readers believe in your product or service, you can take the support of a testimonial. It will offer your ad the helping hand it requires. Apart from that, your solo ads should look like advertisements but should be more similar to presell articles that present your product and its benefits but you certainly shouldn't be hard selling. You will find that testimonials make it easier to get your point across and to increase your conversion rates. You can use testimonials in the subject line of your advertisement, taking everything one step further.

Another element that is highly important to achieving success with ezine marketing is testing. To increase the efficacy of your ezine ads you need to split test a few to determine which ones are the most efficient. To see what results you generate, you should publish three or four various ads in an ezine. If you notice that one ad is sending the highest number of clicks to your site then that means that this ad is a winner. To find out which ezine offers the best results, the next step is to run the best ad in a number of different ezines. You will get targeted visitors repeatedly once you are armed with the knowledge this process provides, namely the most effective ad and the best ezine.

Lastly, but certainly no less important is to make sure that your ad is speaking to the audience of the ezine you are advertising in. Just because you think any ezine is ok, that doesn't mean you can publish any ad in any ezine. You need to ensure that your ads are highly targeted. Let's say that you are promoting a weight loss ebook using Yoga, then you need to identify ezines that focus on weight loss so they are targeted to your niche. You don't have to worry if you can't find an ezine that is extremely focused, because you will be fine as long as the readers are interested in your ad. Your whole objective here is to not go out of context because the more targeted your audience is, the better response you will receive.

In summary, ezine advertising isn't really that complicated, you just need to know what steps to take and when to take them. The previous strategies prove that publishing solo ads can get complicated if you don't implement these simple techniques. So, if you want your following campaign based on solo ads to run smoothly, you need to take calculated steps.

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