Friday, March 4, 2011

4 Designs For Your Custom Golf Ditty Bags

By Neela Vazzana

Your golf affair will never be complete with the absence of the golf promotional package that is given away as a favor. Such package also serve as brand building tools or promotional items that are adopted to spread the buzz about the company through imprinting these freebies with the logo, slogan or artwork of the company. Unquestionably, these goods act as the spokesperson of the company. However, there are several kinds or items that are included in the package. For convenient hold of this package, it is essential that you have promotional golf ditty bag that you can have as the container of these numerous golf products.

Unfortunately, not all of these promotional golf ditty bags are considerably appealing to people. It is a bit boring and lifeless. How can you possibly add whim to such gift and draw more people towards your merchandising success. Well, you should repeatedly remember that people are visual. You should know how your custom printed golf ditty bag can capture the attention of your targeted purchasers. How would that be possible? It is attainable through the designs that you imprint on them. Here are the attuned designs that you can use.

Animal Inspired

This is one of the ideal and the easiest designs that you can add to your logo printed golf ditty bag. There are so many kinds of animal imprints that you can carry in order to grant these boring bags the animalistic appeal to the eyes. And truly, that leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe and other animal prints can be very chic on your bags.

Awareness Advocate

Golf is not just played for fun, it is also done for a cause. If your companies are doing it for the sake of Breast Cancer Awareness, better pattern these custom golf ditty bag according to the purpose of the event. You can simply imprint these bags with the pink ribbon (symbol of breast cancer) and your slogan or message. This will certainly be a great hint to people that your brand is not just concerned about the money, you are also concerned about life.

Cartoon Character Craze

Kids and even those young-at-heart will indubitably appreciate such kind of theme. Moreover, there are so many cartoon characters to name. This theme for your golf ditty bag is good for golf tourneys for kids.

Lady Gaga Mania

Lady Gaga is one of the hottest act to beat in this generation. She is the quintessence or crazy and out-of-this-world. Truly, this woman in weird and unforgettable outfits has changed the view of people towards music. You can always have her uniqueness in your golf ditty bag. You just have to think out of the box and unceasingly include the weird stuff.

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