Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Functional Pointers in Organizing A Tea Party On St. Patrick's Day

By Neela Vazzana

A cup of tea is always a healthy alternative for almost every one of us. You can perpetually rely on a cup of tea for if you want a little antioxidant that can help you fight aging and can fight free radicals and toxins inside the body. Tea, whatever variation it may be is definitely good for our health. So, if you want the initial step to a healthier you, you can constantly find a promotional cup, capture a pack of tea and brew it at home with friends. So instead of getting green beer for the solemnization of St. Patrick's Day, you can just have tea and party the day away with a different twist. Who says that green day should unceasingly be gaudy. Well, it can also be relaxed and soothing for the soul.

If you want a custom made cup of tea for your very own tea party at home, you can ever perform that. Here are some points that you can follow to achieve that really relaxing zen amidst the frenetic Mardi Gras and parties outdoors.

Tip #1

Get a venue. A venue is unceasingly the significant thing in considering a tea party. You can have your living room, your guest room, your lanai, or your garden. It will still depend on which area inside your home would provide you that relaxing state and can take your away from unnecessary noise.

Tip #2

Once you have the venue, set the mood. Setting the mood requires some decorations for the entire room and playing music that could calm the mind. Slow songs and jazz would be ideal for that.

Tip #3

Get your promotional cups and your choice of tea. In picking the right blend of tea for you, you can eternally ask your guest what they want. You can do a little survey and choose those tea blends that garnered the highest votes. If you have all right estimated expenses, have everything that they mentioned so they will have a choice.

Speaking of promotional cups, select the cups that are nicely designed and undoubtedly fit for the affair. It is so good to sip a hot tea off a really wonderful cup with an exceptional pattern. You can have it glow in the dark, blinking and many other gimmicks.

Tip #4

Have something to talk about. Play games like ice breaker so you can open up topics that you and your friends would savor while having a cupful of tea.

Tip #5

You can disseminate party favors. It will undoubtedly be incredibly memorable if you have considerably special party favor like a custom logo cup or special tea blends.

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