Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Light Steps To Design Custom Imprinted St. Patrick's Day Tie Dyes T-shirts

By Neela Vazzana

One of the superb promotional items that you can grant to your guest for the glorification of St. Patrick's Day are considerably incomparable tie dyed t-shirts. You can just dye them green so its recipient will experience a spank-free occasion. If you think that devising your very own promotional tie dyed t-shirt fit for the remembrance you are reading the right article because we can grant you simple and no sweat suggestions in crafting one.

There are ready made custom personalized tie dyed t-shirts that you can consistently attain in stores. They are ready made and incredibly easy to prepare. However, if you want a personal touch on these unprecedented St. Patrick's Day gift, here are some light steps that you can follow.

Materials Needed:

Green Dye in Different Shades White T-shirt Rubber Gloves Rubber Bands (optional)

Step One. Just hunt for your white shirt and wash them off. After washing dry them exhausting the dryer or just let it dry under the heat of the sun. Once it dries, lay it flat on your working area and get the dying process started.

Step Two. Just elicit the green dye and prepare it according to the package direction. There are different techniques to forge a pleasing effect on your customized tie dyed t-shirts. You can invent little circles and capitalize on a pinch of cloth. Tie it with rubber band and submerge it in green dye. If you are interested to know what other approaches you can apply to your customized tied dyed shirt, you can always check the internet.

Step Three. Allow the t-shirt to dry for at least eight hours. You should regularly remember that interrupting the whole process may ruin your creation.

Step Four. Once your custom imprinted tie dyed t-shirt for St. Patrick's Day is all dried, rinse your custom printed t-shirt creation until the water runs clear. You should consistently keep in mind to have a pair of rubber gloves to keep your hands protected from the green dye.

Step Five. Air dry your custom personalized tie dyed t-shirt and flatten it with a hot iron and just wrap it with special gift wrapper fit for the fete of St. Patrick's Day.

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