Monday, March 7, 2011

Citronella Bark Dog Collars - The Benefits

By Robert Taylor

Citronella No Bark Collars are getting more popular these days. These collars are not your average collars, as they have the ability to control problematic barking in domesticated dogs. Before you get a Citronella Anti Bark Dog Collar, it is imperative that you find out all you can about them.

Here are the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Citronella Dog Training Collars.

* What are the advantages of using a Citronella Dog Training Collar?

Citronella is known to be effective in controlling problematic barking. Studies show that the essential oil from this plant's stems and leaves offers a perfumery odor that is not strong and harmful like chemicals. It can be used to repel insects and tame animals merely with its scent.

* How does a Citronella Antibark Collar work?

Each time your dog barks, a tiny microphone built into the collar will activate the spray of a Citronella oil mist. Some of these collars have a remote control so you can activate the spray when the dog misbehaves in different ways.

* How can a Citronella Dog Training Collar treat problematic dog barking and change my dogs behavior?

The Citronella Spray Anti Bark Collar will adjust negative dog behavior by giving the dog offensive stimulation on four sensory levels each time the dog behaves poorly. When the dog barks, the dog can hear the spray go off and will the wet spray on his face. He will be able to see the spray and smell the unpleasant odor. If used consistently, this will alter the dog's bad habits.

* Why should I choose a Citronella Spray Anti Bark Collar and what are the benefits?

Citronella Training Collars are the easiest to use, and safe for the dog and the environment, while other collars can be cruel and easily malfunction.

You can be sure that your dog won't get unjust and dangerous treatment when you opt for a citronella collar to help cure it of its incessant barking. Visit your local pet shop or search online for more information about the Citronella Anti Bark Dog Collar. Do consider this option if you're looking to enjoy a little peace and quiet in your home.

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