Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Custom Made Magnetic Post Cards In The Name Of Vanity

By Neela Vazzana

People are indeed obsessed about being pretty. In fact, it is greatly evident in the cover of the magazines, TV shows and even the existence of cosmetic surgery around the world. On the other hand, one narcissist obsession that most people would step into is taking their own images. You will see that in most people's Facebook accounts that are bombarded with too many snapshots from various affairs that they attended. Whether you like it or not, this kind of obsession can not be taken away from others coolly. One way of spoiling these people is giving them the chance to observe their selves in a logo printed magnetic post cards. If you want to know how you can create your own promotional magnetic post cards.

Option #1

Well, you can eternally go to some specialty shops and have a personalized magnetic post card. You just have to bring your ideal images and have them printed. You can also lay out your pictures ala-magazine cover. You just have to drag it on Photoshop and just edit your favorite snap and add some funny or serious blurbs and the title of your favorite magazine and you're ready to go.

Option #2

You can do it yourself. All you need to do is to get the materials that you need and check the internet to see how you can produce such kind of custom magnetic post cards. The internet is actually loaded with instructions about almost everything. So when all else fails, just Google it.

What can you do to these custom magnetic post cards?

Use #1

You can supply these materials as a gift. You don't necessarily have to imprint you own photos on it. What you can do is edit his/her picture just like his/her favorite magazine. Have it imprinted as a customized magnetic post card and they will certainly appreciate such kind of gift. Give it during birthdays, reunions or any special private occasion.

Use #2

This is right campaign paraphernalia that any politicians can have. Instead of employing posters, you can adopt it and this will certainly be attracting more votes towards your bet.

Use #3

These items can also be carried as promotional freebies. In fact, instead of using pictures of certain people, they can have other images like an abstract art, photos of beautiful scenery and many others. This will undoubtedly take your brand to greater heights.

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