Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Greatest Metal Detectors

By Gregg Faust

The secret to the greatest metal detectors ever made is usually overlooked by those looking to acquire those elusive best metal detectors. The accurate secret is actually to locate a detector that you are comfortable with, thus you will be a lot more likely to understand the machine and be able to use it proficiently.

Becoming comfy means various points to each and every metal detector user. To some, very best metal detectors indicate those of a certain brand like the much more common White's, Garrett, Tesoro and other manufacturers. To other people, it is the physical really feel and balance of a metal detector. It can also be a correlation to what the metal detector cost. Every of these will be explained below.

Most likely the most recognized best metal detectors factor is how well the machine performs in the field, especially in terms of how deep it will detect. Usually, a comparison of significant brands per price range will show little difference in capability. On occasion, I have discovered pronounced differences between two metal detectors of the exact same brand and model!

Some users, particularly those that have been metal detecting for numerous years, classify the greatest metal detectors as those of a particular brand or brands. Like myself, I prefer some of the older models simply because I have had great luck with them in the past. This is all individual preference based on lengthy use and becoming familiar with certain machines. Every metal detector manufacturer uses their own circuit design, thus the audible and visual response to targets can vary between brands. This has been a factor in my greatest metal detectors decisions, specifically when it comes to the tones emitted. Some brands just don't sound pleasing to my ears, and I would miss targets simply because of it.

An essential factor in locating the greatest metal detectors is to discover 1 that physically feels great in your hands. 1 with a great balance permits you to swing it all day long with out acquiring tired. The metal detectors of nowadays have come a long way in this aspect. Most of the newer detectors are balanced really well. If you discover an older, heavier detector that you need to use, think about converting it to a hip mount configuration so you can relieve the issue of swinging a heavy weight. I converted a White's Coinmaster 6000D Series 2 to hip mount and loved it! It was one of my greatest metal detectors for several years.

How complex a metal detector is can play a role in finding the greatest metal detectors to buy. Some folks want a simple machine to just turn on and hunt and might be intimidated by a bunch of knobs, controls and programming. Many contemporary metal detectors of today are computer controlled, complex devices but most are made so even the new user can turn them on and go. The extra functions are there in case you want to grow with the complexity of your detector as you gain more encounter. With that said, it is advisable to not let this factor determine your greatest metal detectors.

The type of hunting you will be doing will play a role in discovering your greatest metal detectors. You may possibly discover that one brand is much better for you to find old coins while an additional will be much better at discovering rings on the beach. For instance, some treasure hunters prefer Minelab metal detectors while looking for gold nuggets and switch over to Nautilus metal detectors when searching for Civil War relics. Some manufactures do target distinct niches with their metal detector designs. Finding the very best metal detectors for every of your treasure hunting interests may possibly mean a various brand for each and every.

The actual price can be of significance to some folks when formulating their best metal detectors decisions. It is like the saying of you get what you pay for. Acquiring the top of the line metal detector made by a manufacturer may possibly be all it takes to discover your favorite. This can be true in some cases but the top machine from 1 business may not hold a candle to a mid-range model from yet another. Also, some of the best metal detectors I have utilized have been older models that are not even made anymore.

As you can see, there are many issues to think about when discovering the greatest metal detectors. It will vary from individual to individual and can only be found via use. A user might swear by 1 but it might not be right for you. You may require to use a number of over a period of time to discover your greatest metal detectors but don't give up. With practice in the field, you will locate them!

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