Friday, March 11, 2011

How To Make A Dog Puppet Using Customized Socks

By Neela Vazzana

Every year, you would make it a habit to rummage on your closet. This way you are able to sort the things that you don't need anymore. You can just supply them to charity and make other people in need to carry these old clothes instead. Speaking of clothes, what can you do to a single sock? For sure, your beneficiary wouldn't use it because it should always come in pairs. If you want to recycle these old promotional socks, you can perpetually fabricate a puppet out of these. Here are the easy steps to design a sock puppet using only recycled materials.

Materials Needed:

Old Sock (any color would do) Felt Paper (diverse colors uniquely red, white and black) Hot Glue Glue Gun Colored Fabric (depending on the color of your custom sock) Buttons Needles Colored Thread

Step One. In fabricating your puppet out of your promotional socks, you should clean the socks first. Once the sock is dry, think of a character that you want to produce. You can opt to fabricate a doggie puppet because it is really easy.

Step Two. Cut the black and white felt paper round. The white one should be larger than the black one. Put the black felt over the white one and this will serve as the eyes of your puppet. Get your colored fabric and cut a round and two oval shapes out of it. This will be the ears and the round one will be the spot that you can set under the eyes.

Step Three. Cut a piece of red felt paper and cut it in U-shape. This will serve as the dog's protruding tongue. Make sure to trim its edges and adopt a marker pen to draw a line in the middle of the tongue to add dimension to it.

Step Four. Assemble all the elements of your puppet. Stitch the ears first and the spot. Stick the eyes and the tongue putting to work the hot glue. You can regularly use the black button as the nose.

Indeed, drafting a logo printed sock puppet is as easy as stitching your old clothes. Create an assortment of these items and you will clearly find it useful specially in your bonding moments with your children during story telling before they sleep.

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