Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hypnosis Techniques--Why Color Psychology Is Part Of Covert Hypnosis

By David Drake

Most people do not understand the power of colors. The idea of controlling people through the use of colors is called color psychology. The theory of color psychology is not based on hypothesis, it is based on scientific verification.

There is a reason why girls dye their hair a specific color, there is a reason why women paint their nails a particular color, and there is a reason why ladies wear red lipstick. Another aspect of color psychology that is persuasive is the color of clothes people wear. For instance, the color red is extremely attention grabbing, and the color black signifies authority and power. By causing the people to see the right colors in your social interactions, you are utilizing non verbal suggestions of covert hypnosis to persuade people and alter their state of mind.

You can also mix colors into a non verbal message that is far more influential than words alone. For example, you can wear black clothing to signify power, and a red tie to catch people's attention. Or, you could wear a white outfit to signify purity and honesty in order to get people to instantly trust you.

Prison officials have even been taught the power color psychology has over the human mind, because quite a lot of prison systems across The united states have painted the walls of prison cells pink in order to create a relaxed state of mind within the inmates in order to reduce prison violence. In fact, jails and prisons have even gone to the extent of giving pink underwear to the inmates. For the most part people thought this was done by the prison officials to disgrace the inmates, but humiliation had nothing to do with it. Instead, the prison officials had been taught the power of color psychology through all of the scientific studies that validated it.

The reason why color psychology is part of covert hypnosis is because by using color psychology efficiently, you can modify a person's state of mind and alter their behavior. Everyone has seen a beautiful woman in a red dress with red lipstick on capture the attention of men and alter their behavior. You must understand that the colors marketing firms use, the colors of women's make up, and the colors of fashion are used for specific reasons. Colors are not used by accident.

Legal paper is colored yellow for a purpose. Yellow paper has been scientifically proven to provoke thought in people. The billboards you see, the packages of the products you buy, and the colors you see used in commercials are all there for a reason. This means covert hypnosis practitioners can use color psychology to install non verbal instructions in a person's mind.

You should also show people objects that have particular colors to change their emotional state. Contemplate a man giving a woman a red rose, by her seeing the color red, this will have an influence upon her emotional state. The mind does not merely need to process language, it also needs to process everything a person sees. Covert hypnosis does not only hypnotize people through auditory hypnosis techniques, but it also persuades people through visual hypnosis techniques.

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