Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Invigorate Your Style With Dresses And Shirts

By Galina Maor

There is the phrase that clothing makes the man and that is true for both genders. Women are definitely the focal point in any fashion type of advertising - they are the target demographic. Finding your sartorial sense, however, is not the easiest thing in a world shaped continually by ever changing trends. It feels overwhelming trying to find out what works for your body and how you want to dress to present yourself to the world, while looking good and feeling comfortable, but it is possible. Creating a personal wardrobe can be as simple as getting the right dresses and shirts.

Dresses and shirts as a type of clothing sound deceptively simple but there is a wealth of designs that are available, depending on your body type. Dressing for your body and not current trends is the best way to look polished and stylish.

One of the most popular dress styles, currently, is a flowing mini sundress which is a good choice for the petite woman. Petite women are able to handle cutesy styles better than curvier, more buxom women for whom those styles tend to make them appear larger than they really are. When dressing a petite figure the best advice to make sure that the hemline of a dress is at or above the knee which will make a shorter leg look longer.

Tall women with more svelte figures can handle almost every dress style. If, however, you are tall and more hour glassed shaped than the rule of thumb for the curvy woman is to embrace her curves. While you may want to camouflage your body, too much fabric will make you appear larger than you are. Silhouettes from the 1940s especially, look great on curvy women due to their tailored construction.

Now for the in between woman who cannot be categorized easily, you can experiment with different dress styles but should concentrate on overall body proportion, always taking care to highlight your waist.

Above all, when to comes to dresses, just because you love a current style of dress, trying it on may not look as good as you want. Do not be discouraged - all trends are not for all people and so just concentrating on what works for your body will lead you to find the right dress.

Shirts are another animal all together and have an almost infinite number of varieties in design than dresses. They are, however, another way of feeling sexy and feminine. Many women do not want to wear dresses and feel sexier or more beautiful in pants.

How do you find the shirt that is right for you? Well, shirt shopping means that you only have to worry about the top half of your body when it comes to fit so you don't have to take into account an overall body proportion. Also, you don't have to take your height so much into consideration so you can grab as many shirts as you like and just try them on until you find one that showcases your personality. Dresses and shirts can create as feminine of a shape as you desire.

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