Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marketing on Twitter

By Josh Martin

There's some very important rules and proper etiquette to follow when marketing on Twitter.

Twitter is a great site that you can tell the world what you're up to in 140 characters or less. So what are you going to share with such limited space? Are you going to talk about what you're eating for dinner, watching on tv, or planning to do for the weekend? Do you plan on promoting your business or website? Whatever you talk about it's important to be yourself and capture your audience if you want your voice to be heard.

It's important to put yourself in your followers shoes when you are tweeting. If you come across as being too pitchy or a spammer, you will not have success marketing on Twitter. The community will shut you out very quickly.

It's okay to regularly post about your business opportunity or product that you are promoting but make sure your tweets stay fresh, interesting, and provide value to your followers. If you post the same old tweets your followers will become uninterested and you will lose credibility.

When you're marketing on Twitter don't be too business orientated. Your followers will get tired of you very quickly if all you tweet is about business.

People are interested in knowing the real you. They don't care about your business. That's why you want to be yourself, have fun, and be interesting.

People don't care about what you're going to wear tonight or what time you're going to bed, so keep your content fresh and lively in order to keep your followers engaged.

I'm not saying to never post about the small details or your life. Just balance these tweets with interesting ones as well.

When marketing on Twitter a good guideline to follow is 1 business tweet for every 3 tweets you post. So for every 3 content tweets you would post 1 business tweet. Only send out 5-6 tweets per day.

Your followers will stay more engaged with what you have to say if you follow these guidelines.

The more places that you post your Twitter link, the more followers that you'll gain. Post your link on Facebook, your blog, email signatures, and any other relevant sites.

It's very critical to avoid using automatic Twitter services that offer bulk followers, repeating the same tweets, mass tweeting, mass following, and sending out tweets automatically from Twitter automated sites. These are quick ways to get your account banned.

Just Unfollow and Tweetlater are a couple of sites that I recommend using. They have proven to be legitimate sites but just use them sparingly.

Once your account gets banned with Twitter, it's a nightmare trying to get it back and you'll lose all of your followers.

You can generate a lot of prospects within your niche marketing on Twitter if you follow the proper rules of engagement.

Twitter is a tremendous resource to be able to create huge amounts of traffic and leads for any niche if used properly. Just following the proper rules of engagement and you could be the next Twitter sensation. Look out Ashton Kutcher!

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