Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pop Up Displays Stands, Make The Perfect Choice When Exhibiting At Trade Shows

By Alison Graham

Pop up displays are really easy to use and their lightweight portability makes them an excellent choice because they are simple for one person to transport to the show and put the complete stand up by themselves without tools or assistance. They are very cost effective as well and if your company is new to trade show exhibiting, a stand of this type is the ideal way to get started and will provide you with a great looking display at a reasonable cost.

Another great bonus with pop us displays is that you can change the look of your stand quickly and easily by updating your graphics. In many cases, you might only want to change one or both of the outer panels in order to present your company images in the central section and your Exhibition special offers as 'attention grabbers' on the outer panels. This avoids the need for several pop up displays and makes the stand even more cost effective.

If for some reason you get allocated a stand space that is bigger than your pop up displays stand (which does sometimes happen if show organisers get a late cancellation and want you to expand your stand space to fill the gap), it is easy to add inexpensive X Banner Stands or other pull up banners to increase your display area at minimal cost. Once you have purchased pull up stands, you only need to replace the graphic to revamp the stand you can keep the same frame - so again, these are very economical.

However good your Pop up Stand is, if you do not do your homework properly and choose the wrong Exhibition or Trade Show for your company, it will probably turn out to be a very expensive error. Getting the planning and research right so that you know that you are exhibiting where a large proportion of the visitors fit your profile for your target market will pay dividends.

By being able to plan well ahead, you could visit any shows that you have not previously exhibited at to see if they are right for your company. Try to take a couple of colleagues with you, their impression may be different to yours and it will be good to compare notes before making a decision. Talk to stand staff working for companies in the same market sector as yourself, talk to other visitors when you are having a coffee in the restaurant, ask them their views on the show and whether they have done business or got any good deals at the show.

If you are not able to visit the show in person, ask the organisers to supply you with their visitor statistics. This sort of information will be invaluable to you as from it you can assess what numbers of visitors might be prospects and what sort of level of new business you should expect to achieve from the show.

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