Monday, March 14, 2011

The right menu holders to give the right impression

By John Westbotham

The first impression is something that is always important. They may look surprising but at the end of the day, the simple things can yield you better returns when arranging any type of event. This is applicable for menu holders as well. Whether you are dining in a restaurant or going as a guest to a party, small things can add to the charm and make the ambience correct for enjoyment. It has been observed that customers prefer dining places that use smart looking menu holders to shabby looking menu cards.

Adding to their smart appearance and cool appeal, menu holders are also very much needed to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Making for a nicer environment and a more relaxed dining experience. All menus more or less are kept on the dining table and it's necessary to keep them clean. If your keeping the menu inside a plastic holder, there is very little chance of it coming into contact with the food and becoming soiled. This is why most dining places use holders for their menus.

Based on the type of event, occasion or venue different menu cards are available. While a budget cafe may go for simple menu holders, expensive and luxury restaurants may have designer menu holders to match their glamour. Whatever the type of menu holders in use they make the place look clean, tidy and smart. Most have transparent covers which allow the menu to be completely visible and it doesn't cost much too. So with simple investments you can get very good returns in the form of goodwill and customer inflow.

There is a wide selection of menu holders you can opt for to cater for you requirements and pricing needs. There are different kinds of holders with various shapes, sizes and models. While choosing it's handy to match the size with the size of table. Big holders go well with larger and especially round tables, while for smaller tables, the best choice is to opt for smaller holders that do not take up much space. There is also a need to keep the menu holder in the right place so the diners can still see each other and the holder is not likely to get elbowed to the floor.

The most common material used in the manufacture of menu holders is moulded plastic. It's durable and at the same time has a little flexibility to allow for menus to be changed when they need updating. Clever establishments change their menu cards often; just changing the colour of the menu card can give the impression of a regularly changing choice of food. However always choose shades that go well with low lighting.

A wide range of menu holders can be selected, A4, A6 and A5 are the most common sizes but many others are available. Each model has its own shape, size and features and you will need to choose the most suitable for your requirements. The price of the products depends on the type and model but for almost all of them cost is nominal.

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