Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strike While The Personalized Teapot Is Hot: Green Tea Infusions For St. Patrick's Day

By Neela Vazzana

Tea is eternally good to be served hot straight from a personalized teapot. Nonetheless, tea is more than just an organic drink that is abundant with tons of health benefits. It can also be recreated in novel courses of action. Since the glorification of St. Patrick's Day is fast approaching, the green tea will surely be a big hit on this day. So go get your promotional teapots and give green tea a whip of magic. Here are some green tea concoctions that are fit for St. Patrick's Day observation.

Green Tea Ice Cream/Matcha

The celebration of St. Patrick's Day should not be limited with green beer alone. Most of the time, you should lower your beer intake and live green and healthy. You can actually try green tea for a change. Despite the fact, it is not the hot tea that you know. Well, you don't need to have your promotional teapots if you would like to craft green tea ice cream or Matcha. It is a premium green tea powder that can be found in Japan. It has a unique and complex flavor that will really burst in your tongue. Moreover, aside from the flavor, you will also benefit from it because it is rich in nutrients, anti-oxidants and fiber.

Green Tea Cupcakes

If you have drinks, you better have something to eat. Don't settle for any foodstuff that can make you fell bloated and fat. Fabricating certainly far-out and naturally green cupcakes is elementary. In fact, the process is most likely the same as baking average cupcakes. Although, you can get your customized teapots full of freshly brewed green tea and add it on your cupcake mixture. More than that, you can also use Matcha or green tea powder if you want it fast and easy. These delightfully green cupcakes will surely be big during the fete of St. Patrick's Day.

Green Tea Cocktails

If you think green tea is emphatically conservative drink, you should think about it. In fact, there are green tea cocktails that you can ever mix and try for your own party and honoring. There are so many green tea cocktail recipes that you can search on the internet and try. Beyond doubt, green tea and alcohol can also create a perfect infusion. So, tea drinkers, rejoice because your favorite drink can also have that kick.

These are three of the excellent green tea concoctions that you can give a try for the celebration of St.Patrick's Day. Beyond doubt, having a customized teapot with freshly brewed green tea is not as corny as others may think.

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