Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Sorts Of Places That Would Gain From Having A Virtual Tour On Their Website

By Bert Carr

A 360 virtual tour has to be one of the best sales tools for a website. Any normal website will have at least some photos of their venue and some sales text. A 360 virtual tour speaks millions of words, where photos only speak hundreds! There is nothing quite letting a web visitor wander through and explore your venue as if they were there. So what sort of venues would benefit from a panoramic tour on their website? These are three good examples.

Virtual tours for schools are highly recommended if the school can afford it. Where as a tour company is relatively inexpensive, for state schools it depends on their budget. A fee paying school is more likely to opt for this with the resources and need to fill desks. A 360 tour for a school can give the parents a taster for the facilities. You can view everything from the sports fields to the assembly hall. Being able to tour the purpose built gym for those parents with athletically gifted children has to be a winner!

Universities definitely like using tour technology. Imagine a historic university being able to show off their architecture and history in all its glory. Universities have huge marketing budgets these days, with the riches to be had from taking on students. Universities can gain a vital edge over their competitors with an impressive 360 tour.

Back in the day, it was hotels and then conference centres that really made use of tours. The quality of the tours weren't that great. There has been since a huge advance in the technology. A historic and luxurious hotel can show off every aspect of its rooms and facilities in their naked glory. HD technology lets you tour the hotel and see every last detail. Appearance is everything for hotels. What would impress you more, some tatty old photos or a glorious virtual tour showing the hotel from top to bottom?

Football has changed completely over the last ten years. Once upon a time, you could get into a football match for price of a pint. These days the tickets for match day cost more than a visit to one of the hotels above! Clubs these days have to bring out every penny in the brand, and thus look at putting on tours for example. In a typical tour a group will be led through the changing rooms, the trophy room, through the tunnel and onto the pitch! A panoramic tour can give a real taster of this and entice those fans to part with their hard earned money.

A virtual tour is going to enhance your website, whatever the venue. There are plenty of companies to pick from. You can even ask your virtual tour company to help integrate the tour within your website. Once done, you should see all the benefits of virtual tour technology.

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