Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Toast To Three Marvelous And Incomparable Wine And Food Pairing

By Neela Vazzana

They affirm that every categories of wine have its designated food partner. And this fact is proven by some wine experts and enthusiast around the planet. And it has only proven that the human taste buds are dynamic. For the benefit of a number of people who love to wine and dine, here are several food and wine pairing that you can eternally try according to Food and Wine website. So raise your promotional wine glasses up and let's toast to another perfect round of gastronomical adventure with food and wine.

Champagne is a satisfactory pair of anything that is salty. One of the exceptional examples of a salty food that ultimate paired with Champagne is cheese. Usually, dry sparkling wines possess a little hint of sweetness. This is the reason why Champagne is a refreshing oasis that burst into the mouth after a round of salty food like cheese. Plus, you can also bring these Champagnes under the sea. Definitely, such kind of wine suits perfectly with shrimps, lobsters, oysters and other seafood. Furthermore, it is undeniable that Champagne has its love affair with salt. So catch that promotional wine glass and feel the wild burst of flavors.

Chardonnay is a light white wine that can be buttery. It can also taste fruity or could have the concoction of both. This wine is ideal for fatty fish with that is drizzled with rich sauce. To be specific, the buttery flavor or Chardonnay pair perfectly with fish like salmon. Just a reminder, do not pair it with tomato based recipes. It is due to the strong acidity of tomatoes that would not go well with the subtle flavor of Chardonnay and there is a tendency overpowering each other's flavor.

We are meat lovers. Beyond doubt, our carnivorous nature is highly evident in dishes that we normally eat. We love steaks and everything with chunks of meat in it. Though, juicy red meats are model with Cabernet Sauvignon. They say the proteins soften tannins and that is the reason why red tannic wines suits well with meat like beef and lamb. So better get your custom imprinted wine glasses and rejoice meat lovers over a glass or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine and food pairing is a science. Though, it is repeatedly you and your dynamic taste bud who will dictate which wine and food pair is really as match made in heaven.

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