Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A View on Different Types of Coaching Programs

By Marilyn R. Pastillo

The one thing you will typically find in common between successful athletes, entrepreneurs, and over-achievers, besides achievement, is they are likely motivated and trained by some type of coach. Training program types exist in all forms, from one-to-one, to one person presenting to many. They vary in objective, methodology, and consistency. While there exists a plethora of resources, the most impactful in my opinion is the integrative coaching program type.

There are those of us that had a great guide in life early on. There are fewer of us that might have experienced a built-in life coach who helped us understand how to tap into our potential. If you seek coaching, you can usually expect to develop a sense of independence, and lessen dependence. These coaching program characteristics are the purpose a coach is retained to help someone better their performance in one or many areas of life. What makes a coaching program likely to deliver some form of results? For the basis that an objective is more likely to take form! And, one step further, be attained. An individual is no doubt more likely to expand his horizons, and have a more well-rounded life experience. This could result in a more joyful result and greater sense of meaning in life. If there's a thing that unites us together as humans, it is the quest for a more euphoric interaction with the world around us.

Different training organization offer different services, with differing rates and missions. Below is a quick look at a few options in the world of coaching programs.

On Executive Training In an Executive Coaching Program, a point of reference is created based on a person's goals within a professional context. This is a great method for a person to develop professional skills, such as improved leadership, sales, and communication. There are existing programs that add executive training as an option, such as the Anthony Robbins program. This type of program is made for executives and people that are successful, giving them added tools to implement and succeed at greater heights. Another option found in a similar training could be to coach not just executives, but various levels within the company.

A Look at Life and Personal Training Organizations A Personal coaching program takes an overall look at what a person is trying to do, while taking into account his or her goals and interests. Life Coaching, often called personal coaching, can employ different explorative processes to identify and plan for goals. Landmark Education is a commonly referred program for individuals interested in well-rounded Life Coaching. It is best known for being easy to apply to life, while allowing it's members to explore growth in various areas of life.

On Integrative Coaching Programs A distinct type of program is one that offers integrative coaching, which allows for a person's ethics and values, while keeping an eye on personal and/or executive goals. It has elements of a life coaching program, an executive program, and perhaps even has wellness in the mix -- but understands at a much deeper level the connectedness between the individual and every person, place, and thing around the individual. It is like a microscopic outlook of the subtleties of a person's experience (emotions, psychology, ethics, biology), but with an ever-present satellite viewpoint of an individual's place in the world -- all the while backed by consistent, measurable, results-driven planning! Executive Success Programs, a product of Keith Raniere's philosophies and findings, is a good program that offers a person unique tools and methods to maintaining an ethics-driven perspective in mind, while realizing life goals.

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