Monday, March 21, 2011

With All The Free Private Label Rights Articles Available, Why Would You Pay?

By Ruth Price

Free private label rights articles are all over the internet nowadays: you've probably even got some on your hard drive already. But if PLR articles really are so common, why would you even pay at all for a pack of articles?

What Is The Source Of Your Free Private Label Rights Articles?

More and more people pass on PLR than actually effectively use them in their projects. This is what has contributed to the idea that PLR articles are sold by marketers who haven't even written or read them, and may not even have the rights to sell them on. This is certainly true if you don't do your research about where you're buying your PLR articles from.

Is The Content Good Quality?

Moving on from the point above, when you don't know who wrote the articles, this can also leave you doubting their quality. Sometimes you may buy thousands of PLR articles as a pack, only to realize that very few of them are even useable at all. They can be very poorly written, and very poorly researched. Are these really the kind of articles that you want representing your business?

Finding Content You REALLY Want

Another point to consider is how up to date the information is. Although some niches can be considered "evergreen", many are out of date by a matter of years! It can often be difficult to find the kind of content you need, written about products that are hot right now.

Paid PLR Is Still Affordable

Although you'll have to pay money if you want to get the best quality PLR, it's still a very affordable option. It usually costs less than a coffee for an article that's well written, well researched, and sometimes even optimized ready for the search engines!

When you make sure you only buy PLR articles from quality writers, you'll get content in a format you won't be afraid to put your name to, and on topics that are hot right now. This will save you time and money in the long term. Although free private label rights articles can be useful for certain situations, in most cases you'll end up saving money by spending a few dollars upfront.

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