Friday, April 8, 2011

Custom Balls, Balloon And Glow Sticks Are Proven Successful Promotional Products

By Peter Brooks

If your business or organization has used promotional products before, you know what a powerful marketing too they are. You may be new to promotional products industry. It is a $16 billion industry in just US market. Choosing the right promotional products gets half the work done. Light up products such as custom glow sticks are tons of fun and are great for users of all ages, especially kids. If you're new to promotional glow sticks, they are customized glow sticks with your artwork ink-printed on the light up part of glowstick.

A unique feature of glow necklaces is that they come in tri-colors and they work wonder for holiday with three theme colors. For example, all the three Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple can be captured in a tri-color glow necklace. Choose custom glow sticks in the holiday colors will work great for promotional activities during the holidays. Finished products pictures of all sorts of custom glow sticks products can be searched online so a first-time user can have an idea about the product.

Although 6 inch custom glow sticks are used most widely, there are nearly ten other sizes. The slimmer the glow sticks, the more flexible they are. Glowsticks necklaces are such kind of slim and flexible glow sticks. They can be connected into long chains for decorations. They can also be worn as wreaths. Custom glow bracelets and glow stick necklaces are promotional glow sticks as well.

Halloween is a holiday that is now celebrated around the world. Wearing scary costumes, going to haunted houses, carving Halloween pumpkin and trick-or-treating are all traditional fun Halloween activities. For outdoor activities, wearing glow sticks and or glowstick necklaces are highly recommended for safety purpose. Some police departments use custom glow sticks to carry safety message and give these promotional glow sticks or imprinted glow sticks to kids in the neighborhood.

Just like other glowstick products, the higher the quantity of the glowsticks and glow products ordered, the lower the price for each unit. The same rule applies to custom glow sticks. The more custom sticks, the lower the price for each stick, the more saved.

Choose from various types of custom glow sticks and light up novelties that work best for your imprint idea and have fun!

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