Wednesday, April 6, 2011

eBook Writing- What You Must Know

By Mark Stephens

If you really want to write your own eBook, you need to understand that it is a lot different than writing an offline book. An eBook needs to be aimed at a problem your target market needs help solving while offline books are not so severely limited. In order to truly be successful with eBooks you need to remember some very important ideas.

First and foremost, if you're writing an eBook that contains a good amount of research data, then you need to be very sure about the facts and figures that you're presenting inside the eBook. You simply can't present an ebook filled with unverified facts or figures. Your ebook needs to contain information of value to your readers if you hope for it to succeed. If you can't verify the source of your researched information with an authentic source, don't include it. This will clarify many things and solve a number of problems that may come up.

Before you get your ebook published, be sure you ask for some feedback on it. Sometimes having someone else go over your work can help to identify any problems that you might have missed, so you can fix them before you publish. Sending your final draft to some people you trust to be honest about your feedback will definitely help. This type of feedback is invaluable to you, as you'll have some way of gauging how the people in your intended audience will view your ebook too.

Once you have finished writing your eBook you need to figure out how much to charge for it. You shouldn't get too caught up in the pricing. Conduct an in-depth market research and gather feedback as to what pricing point would be right for your eBook. Don't just pick a price at random because you like it; base the price on what your target market thinks is reasonable. Don't worry if you don't like the current price; it won't be permanent--you can change it later if you want to.

All in all, this article clearly shows that when you want to write an publish an eBook, you are in for a good experience, especially if you like to write. The thing that you must remember, however, is that it is the quality of your book that matters most, no matter what. Your readers should be able to derive the true value of your eBook and get the best return on their investment. If you can give them something of high value, you won't have any problem finding people to read your eBook. So go ahead and start writing your first eBook so that you can get your publishing empire off the ground!

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