Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FTD Flowers - How To Pick out A Honest Florist

By Jane Davies

Sometimes, we come across FTD florist online sites that profess to be genuine. But quite often, such websites that sell and deliver flowers turn out to be absolute scams.

These sites are so clever that you unwittingly place your order of flower delivery with them after giving them not just the recipient's address, but your own credit card details too for the sake of payment.

At the end of the day, you realize that not a bud is delivered, and there is no way to get your money back. Worse, you have given your credit card details to a good-for-nothing Internet scammer.

If such a situation occurs, do not panic. As priority, inform your credit card company of the fraud so that they can blacklist your card to prevent unauthorized usage.

The second thing to do is to protect yourself from falling prey again to an illegitimate and false FTD florist online the next time you log on to place an international flower delivery transaction.

It pays to follow some of these easy tips to ensure genuineness of the FTD florist online site.

* One way to make sure that you select authentic FTD florist online is to make a thorough study. You can join forums or go through websites which inform people about scam sites. At the same time, you can also find out the reliable and trustworthy sites which cater to such online orders too.

* Make sure you have lots of options before you place your order with an FTD florist online. It is not safe to go in for the very first site that you see because more often, scammer sites are resourceful so as to make their site come up in the first page of search engines.

* Find out from friends about genuine sites from which they may have brought flowers from. Most of them readily recommend sites from which they may have purchased from. Do place your orders with such reputed sites because then the risk element is totally down.

Buying and sending flowers should be a pleasing experience not something you want to forget. Follow these simple tips and and you will greatly reduce the risk of falling prey to an FTD florist online scam.

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