Friday, April 1, 2011

Making Money With PLR Is Possible If You Already Write

By Ruth Price

There are so many writers who are struggling to make a living writing online. The truth is that this is a competitive business, and one that often drives prices down and down.

As a freelancer you can write articles or ebooks for customers and be paid per article or per word. One of the big problems is that many of the competitor writers out there charge very low fees and so they are hard to compete with. Although the quality of their work might not be as good as yours, it is still often difficult to compete with such low fees.

In this article I'm going to show you the huge possibilities for making money selling PLR. There really is a world of difference between the potential for earnings.

Making Money By Writing One-Off Articles

The amount that you charge for your writing work is completely up to you but for this example let's say you charge $10 for a 500 word article. If you write 10 articles for a customer you would earn $100 for those articles.

Income for Writing PLR Articles

Let's say each article took 30 minutes to write, which works out at an income of $20 an hour. Now if you were to set up your own PLR business you could write 10 articles and sell them in a pack for $10. If you were to sell 50 packs of those articles you would earn $500.

So, when each article takes you 30 minutes to write, this means you could have been earning $100! This is a huge difference to your unique article pay rate, and the best thing is that the money will come in for a long time as you sell the articles over and over again.

When you're starting out it will take time to build up a base of clients, so you won't necessarily sell all of those 50 articles right away. However, as long as you go above and beyond to show that your articles are the very best quality, you'll start to gain repeat business and eventually sell those 50 packs in no time!


If you want to make more money as a writer on the internet then a PLR business can be a fantastic way to go about it. There are plenty of simple ways for you to advertise your articles, after which you'll find you can build a solid reputation.

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