Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medical Health Insurance As A Basic Need Nowadays

By Sandra C. Heflin

Earlier we used to think that the basic necessities for us were a food, clothing and shelter but in today's society we need to rethink on these and add health insurance too. It is essential for every individual to be covered under health insurance to ensure that the future is taken care of and one does not need to worry about having to face mishaps.

Covering risk in all aspects of our lives is becoming the norm of the day. For example to cover the risk of accident, when you buy your vehicle you also insure it for third party damages too. When you go in for a home loan, you not only insure your home but also yourself as the borrower too.

Health being one of the most important areas that needs to be taken care of, most of the organizations have been offering group insurance policy benefits to the employees where in they cover the employee as well as his family. Besides this, you may also need to hold individual policy for yourself and your family for additional coverage if required.

One of the most important elements that you need to check and see if covered as a part of the offer from a prospective employer is the health insurance coverage for yourself and your family.

Getting to know some of the benefits under the insurance policy is very important for you. One such important risk covered by insurance cover is the risk of disability. In the event of you becoming disabled partially or wholly due to a mishap while at work or outside, the insurance will pay you a fixed amount depending upon the extent of disability for a fixed duration or lifelong depending upon specific policy condition.

When you understand what the disability coverage means you will realize how important it can be for you in your life. If you are the only bread winner of your family and happen to be down for a while due to an accident, what will happen to your earnings? What about the tuition fees to be paid and mortgage loans to be paid every month? This is where the disability coverage comes to your help and pays you while you are out of work.

There are people who do not believe that something can happen to them for they are fit and healthy. Such people do not see the benefit of going in for disability coverage and find the premium for this risk to be too high. But little do they realize that when mishaps strike it doesn't look at the health or fitness of the person. It is better for you not to look at a short term saving of premium but cover the risk if you have family responsibilities.

Being responsible for a family means you have got to act responsibly too. Therefore you will find that covering disability insurance becomes a necessity for yourself either through the policy that the employer has provided to you or through a policy taken individually by yourself.

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