Monday, April 11, 2011

On Overview Look At Affiliate Marketing Programs

By Ron Cole

Affiliate marketing programs are an excellent way to get sales online. With them, a person promotes a product that is not their own. They person has a lucrative business without worrying about producing a product and getting involved with an inventory. Money is paid when the person sends a customer to the website of a business.

This method of promotion came into existence before the internet. It now, however, uses mostly the internet. Some of the products promoted are info products. Earnings result when a customer is sent to business website, either when the deal is completed or upon the referral.

There are four parts to this process. They are the business owner, the payout network, the person selling the product, and the customer. The person supplying the product for sale is the owner. The payout network is the method of determining the earnings. This may involve multiple tiers.

There are a number of methods used to determine compensation. Most commonly, used by approximately 80% of business owners, is the cost per sale, paying when the sale is completed. Next is cost per action, used by 19% of owners. Payment with this method is made when a customer requests more information.

The other two methods are cost per click and cost per mille. Compensation is given in the cost per click method when a person clicks on a link advertised by the person doing the promotion. The cost per mille will pay when the advertisement appears on the promoter's website or email sent to potential buyers. With this last method, no action is required to receive payment.

Affiliate marketing programs are an excellent way to earn sales commissions, and have become more used with the growth of internet selling. People want to instant results, clicking a link and getting the opportunity to buy a product instantly. This makes affiliate marketing an excellent way to earn money.

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