Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Facts About Online Networking Marketing Coach Jenn Lawlor

By David M. Wood

An Alaskan housewife, who home schools her two young children, is the latest multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has found success in online network marketing. Jenn Lawlor attributes her success to MLM guru Jonathan Budd, a multi-millionaire in his own right at the age of 27. Anyone who is familiar with the Budd program can readily see how Ms. Lawlor has put what she has learned into practice.

At the center of network marketing is the duplication of a successful program throughout a matrix of sellers and recruiters. Each member of the matrix is responsible for selling the company product and recruiting other members for the matrix that duplicate the same procedure. The basic product being sold by Ms. Lawlor is success in the network marketing industry. She employs some of her own advice, but also heavily relies on the work of Budd and other successful marketers.

She presents herself as a coach in the network marketing industry. Consistent with her approach, coaches do not present themselves as experts, but rather guides the coachee onto a path of learning that will reap success in achieving their goals. The Lawlor website offers a great deal of information on various elements required for successful online marketing. Some of the information is authored by her, but the majority comes from others who have reaped the benefits of their own programs.

Most notable is her quick response to comments from her readership. Every comment is replied to and it is apparent that she takes action when there is interest in a particular subject. A number of questions asking about the blog platform she uses resulted in a video webinar on the platform and links to the platform site.

Research has shown that a website has only a few seconds to keep the attention of a web browser. As technology has advanced so too has the tools available to make websites more interesting. Jenn suggests that the more entertaining the online sales pitch, the more successful it will be. This is where videos and audio elements come into play.

Many online marketers use videos and images exclusively to sell their products, especially when they are the products that are being sold, or rather the learning they are providing. This is in tune with the fact that more people visual rather than audible learners. Jenn blends videos with content as she offers products from other marketers in addition to her own. The message being, employ whatever works best as long as it receives a positive sales and recruiting response.

Jenn Lawlor has taken the lessons she has learned from other successful network marketers and effectively applied them to her own business.

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