Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tips For Buying A House

By Adriana Noton

With so many properties to look at, and the thought of finding a new home, it is always exciting buying a new property. It can be quite a stressful time, but by following a few tips for buying a house, it can cheaper and fun.

When you first start looking at places to live, the choice is often overwhelming. Start narrowing the search by looking at properties in a specific area. You might want to choose somewhere near a good school or closer to friends, so choosing a smaller area will help focus your efforts.

Take a close look at your finances and stay on budget. Looking at properties outside your price range can tempt you into being over-committed with a home loan and impact your lifestyle later on.

It starts to get confusing remembering houses after you have seen a few, so take photographs and notes to help remind you later. After you find several places you like, start drawing up a shortlist and look at each property logically to fit in what what you want. Property is a very long-term investment and needs a lot of thought to get the ideal place and a financially stable future.

Legal fees for buying a property are always expensive, but you can save money by shopping around. All lawyers fees vary, and you might be able to find somewhere cheaper in a neighborhood rather than in a city center with fancy offices. Always make sure they are fully qualified to make the house purchase go as smoothly as possible.

Property prices can vary a lot even locally. A house very close to everything you want might be more expensive that moving a few roads away. Good public transport links help to raise a property value, so look at any new transport links that are planned, as a home near one of these might be a good investment.

If you move into a newer development, find out what the management fees are and look at any restrictions. Newer developments can charge an annual management fee to keep the area looking good and for providing security. Check if any increases in these fees have been reasonable, as a sharp increase can cripple a household budget.

Restrictions can also be placed on householders in new developments. Sometimes they can insist that the exterior of the property and gardens must meet their standard, and can even tell you what type of garden furniture can be used. Check the restrictions carefully to make sure you are happy with them.

Finding a new home is always an exciting time. It can give anyone a completely fresh start and an exciting future. A new home might be for some newlyweds, or a couple retiring after a lifetime of long hours. By following a few simple Richmond Hill real estate agent tips for buying a house, you can make your cash stretch further and avoid common pitfalls.

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