Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Top 5 Benefits of Forethought Combo Apps

By Alex Stone

If you are looking for products to diversify and meet your senior client's needs there are several available from Forethought Financial Group. Some agents may already be familiar with their Final Expense product. They also have life insurance, annuities, and a Medicare Supplement with competitive premiums, security, and stability for your clients. Also available, to combine two of their products on one application, is a Combo App.

The following are some reasons you should be writing a Combo application for your clients.

1. Your sales volume will increase because you are able to submit two applications on each client you speak with. Thus you will, literally, be doubling your sales volume.

2. Double Your Commissions. Your Commissions will be paid weekly and at the same level as they would be if you sold the two products individually. The double income will help you to continue to grow your business.

3. Double Your Investment. Leads are expensive - get the most out of them by selling two products to each prospect. You can put the supplemental income toward the cost of more leads or possibly create your own website for exclusive leads.

4. Diversify - When you offer both life and health policies you will be diversifying your portfolio. While prospecting you can bring up their final and burial expense plans and suggest an option that will best suit their financial situation.

5. When your clients have both of their insurance policies with you they will be more likely to keep their business with you, thus you will have a higher retention rate. This way you will have the older business still on the books while you are prospecting and accepting referrals.

Benefits to agents from Forethought Life are excellent commissions, a direct company contract, 9-month advancing, and competitive premiums; also, they have an A- "Excellent" rating for their financial strength from A.M. Best

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