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Advice for Making Successful Business Cards

By George Curtis

You desire to make the best initial impact you can when making new contacts for your business. Your business cards provide considerable influence in the outcome of that first perception. In the following article, I am going to talk about some of the methods your business cards have an effect on first impression results.

As an example, what is the impression you can find yourself remaining with when you meet up with a person who hands you a business card produced on paper with substantial sturdiness vs the identical business card printed from a computer at their home on cheap flimsy paper? The heavy duty weight paper gives an impression of the person that provided it to you of sturdy competency and steadiness. The business card produced on lightweight paper leaves behind an impression of weakness. I believe it is apparent which opinion might be more prone to influence the desire to do business.

Okay, so you might want to have cards produced by a professional business card printing service on strong paper. Paper weight is specified several ways. One system for measuring paper weight is the point system. Most professionally printed business cards are printed on either 12pt or 14pt card stock. Cards produced on stock with these weights provides the more substantial feel needed. Additionally, in case your printer applies a Ultraviolet overcoat on the business cards this will give added rigidity and strength. ( A good paper weight comparison chart is available for your review at:

Extra tactile feel can be put onto your business cards by having them printed using a raised ink technique. The ink used with this sort of printing goes through an operation which makes it arise above the paper surface area when it cures. Therefore it provides a tactile feel which flat ink printing fails to offer. Like the feel of durability through making use of heavy weight paper, the feel coming from raised ink is recognized as being a richer stronger feel.

What are some things to consider for your business card design ?

A great deal of disorder of the information on your business card might cause your business card to be discarded prior to it being actually read. Therefore, prevent your information and design orderly so it is easy to read through. Prioritize the information you want to provide. The top priority item should be stressed and lead the reader towards the other information on your card. I recommend that you think about the best factor individuals prefer to work with you. Then you produce a name, a slogan, a logo or something that you can use on your card to catch attention focusing on that number one reason. This should result in the reader interested in learning more regarding you and peruse the remaining portion of the data on your business card.

The speedier someone will be able to understand what you and your business is about, the more productive your business cards can be. A business card is merely 2" x 3.5" in dimensions, hence the quantity of textual content you can put on your card will have to be constrained. A slogan, a name, a company name, and information about how to make contact with you like a phone number is usually crucial.

Often there is information other than just the name and contact information you want to convey. There may be just not enough space for more text. This is where the use of photos and images can be used to convey more important information.

For example:

- a professional portrait photo of you smiling, can create a sense of welcome, comfortableness, and personalize the interest. (also makes it easy to identify you again)

- a good picture of a product you provide can show exactly what you supply.

- a business logo graphic can assist you to develop branding for future effortless recognition of your business.

Hence if you choose to maximize the information your business card offers consider utilizing photographs.

Research has revealed the fact that color used on any document will get more readers than simply black and white. This is correct for business cards likewise. So, make use of color on your card however try to make use of it in a manner that pleasantly attracts attention, however will not make it more complicated to understand. You could make use of color to separate separate sections of information. For instance make use of it to spotlight essential contact details such as your telephone number.

It is advisable to ensure that your design simple and easy to read. Remember that a first impression is a thing that remains in the thoughts of the individuals you meet, and will be difficult to impossible to change. Consequently, consider carefully the impression you desire to produce with your business cards for your business prosperity.

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