Saturday, March 5, 2011

Devise Your Spongebob-inspired Custom Personalized Ski Hats And Caps In Four Not troublesome Steps

By Neela Vazzana

Spongebob is one of the most famous cartoon character of the new generation. Certainly, this four-cornered, yellow sea sponge has made frying burger underwater, snails as domesticated cats and living in a pineapple highly funny in the right measure. Nowadays, who does not know Spongebob? Each individual know him and his crazy antics absolutely well. If you would like a great custom made party favor that is inspired by Spongebob characters, you can make it as the main concept of your youngsters' birthday party. Yes, you can craft your very own promotional ski caps and beanies that are redesigned with the flair and craziness of Spongebob.

You can order some ready made custom personalized ski caps and beanies. There are separate diversification of ready made designs that you can choose from. Nonetheless, if you really want to invent your own and add a little personal touch to it, here are the simple steps in making promotional Spongebob ski caps and beanies.

Materials Needed:

Ski Hat/Beanie (preferably yellow) Colored Fabric/Felt Sewing Machine Thread Scissors

Step One. Spongebob have a lot of novel faces. He can be smiling, frowning or any emotions. Just elect one that you desire and print it as your reference.

Step Two. Gather all the goods in your working area.

Step Three. Look for your reference and cut the colored fabric or felt. These merchandise will serve as the details that you will arrange in the face of your Spongebob personalized ski hats and beanies.

Step Four. Sew all the details manipulating the sewing machine. If you don't have the sewing machine, you can manually stitch it or avail of glue to stick the cut pieces of felt or fabric onto the customized ski hats and beanies.

These are four undemanding steps in devising your very own Spongebob ski hats and beanies, These items can really be marvelous party favor that children will undoubtedly appreciate.

Go get your thinking caps on and forge your own logo printed ski hats and beanies. Do it with you kids as a fun bonding activity. This will indubitably enhance your parent and child relationship and unleash that inner artist in your tots.

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