Saturday, March 12, 2011

Excellent Tips To Use When Buying French Furniture

By Simon Kendal

Are you looking to make your house more interesting or fun by decorating it with some French furniture? Here are some tips. These tips will ensure that you can find the best priced quality items.

Pay attention to the period. Avoid mixing or matching furniture from different time periods. Educate yourself and know what time period each piece of Vintage furniture belongs in. This will make sure that your room will not be a mismatched wreck!

Make sure your furniture is genuine. A lot of vintage furniture out there are refinishes, yet are advertised as originals and hold price tags of originals as well. Make sure to keep your eye on the details and examine them thoroughly.

Examine from every angle. Make sure that you examine the piece thoroughly. Many pieces are placed strategically, so you should have the owner move it so you can examine it in detail.

Make sure to examine every cabinet and drawer. Don't feel awkward. If you fail to examine each hinge, thoroughly, you may end up with a huge loss. This often happens when you are rushing and not taking your time in examining everything.

Do your research. Find out how much each piece would cost. Use logic and deductive reasoning. Failure to do so may break your bank and eventually you will end up with a bad deal you simply will not be able to back out from.

Be staunch. Be confident but use a respectful tone. Don't use your emotions. This will help you get yourself a sweet deal. By doing so you will end up getting what you want and making it seem that you settled for what other person wanted.

Many people have been in the business for years. Others are imposters and newcomers. Make sure you find somebody who has been in the region for a while to make sure that they are reliable. This is important.

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