Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solid And Basic SEO Practices That Still Matter

By Don G Allen

At this point in the evolution of business, it's more important than ever to have a website for your business. People use the net for all kinds of reasons, but the one mainstay is that people search for solutions to whatever their problem is. But simply having a good website is not enough. Once you have a nice site, then it's time to begin thinking about how you're going to drive traffic to it. If you want the very best kind of traffic, then you're looking at search engine traffic and search engine optimization. Landing on the first page of Google is what you're aiming for, and that's the road you'll be on when you begin your SEO journey. If you succeed with SEO, and get your high rankings, then you'll be flooded with the kind of leads, traffic, and sales you've been dreaming about. The higher search engine position you get, the more number of people will visit your site.

Make no mistake about your ability to achieve high rankings in the search engines using SEO, but you'll need to get educated about it and then take action. So now we'll continue to discuss a couple of items related to search engine optimization, and you can have some idea as you begin to learn more.

This is just one thing, out of others, that you have to do, and if you do it you'll be perceived as being more relevant. In your site SEO keyword research, you will have the easiest and best luck using the long-tail keywords. That is perhaps the most valuable SEO advice we can give you. Typically, all markets possess thousands of potential keywords and phrases, but you need to choose those that will help you rank the best and easiest. So when you choose a keyword to rank for your site, you should try and go for proper keyword phrases that have low competition. For example, if your site is about dog training, then you should aim for keywords such as "how to train your dog at home", so that the traffic you get is highly targeted, which means it has a higher chance of converting. The more precise you are about choosing your keywords, the better response you will receive. It's known that long-tail keyword phrases are within the buying phase of research, so that means your conversions will be higher - all other things considered and equal.

The third obvious SEO tip is that you should build a lot of high quality backlinks to your site. Your site will be boosted in the ranks by people voting for your site with backlinks. Getting a ton of backlinks very quickly, almost overnight, will only draw attention to your site, and it's really never good to let that happen.

Achieving good search engine rankings takes real effort, dedication, knowledge, and patience. Persistence, plus using what you've learned today, and your continuing education will pay off dividends over time. And make sure your site is ready for traffic, start building backlinks, and always make sure you have quality content.

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