Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Web Hosting - Know It

By Tameka Wadlington

You have just established your business and it is quite normal to go to the next level and to present your website, which will declare on the internet that you are ready to work and provide some services. You have probably come up with a lovely domain name and you are thinking what to do next. The next step would be to find a web hosting for your website. To understand what does it mean and how you can accomplish all that, you should read about the basics first.

Then what is the web hosting?

To put it bluntly it is a space on a computer called web server. A website is not just a name of the domain; it is a compilation of files, which are linked by HTML code in order to present graphics and text on a computer. You need to house your compilation of files on a computer with internet access to make it possible for others to see it.

Computer needs to have a specific software installed, which allows it to receive and answer to any requests from the internet in order to properly show files placed on the website and this kind of a computer is called a web server. You can picture this as a scene in a restaurant when you are ordering your food and the waiter serves it to you, so you can see the connection to the expression 'server'.

Web server has other services than just to make sure that your files are seen by users on the internet. One of the features is that it has the capability to design email addresses, which are based on the name of your domain and it also has the ability to receive and send emails with them.

Web server has also different types of software that are installed on the server and that gives the possibility to your site to manage and design databases, run programs, display video and other things. Almost every computer can have the role of a web server and the important thing what makes computer transform into a server is software.

To hire a professional to run your server is usually the most economical way to go, as they can do it properly and give better results even though you can turn any computer that you own into a web server.

If you want you could learn everything about web hosting, but you should know that it takes a long time to learn something like this. If you have read this text, then you are armed with the essential knowledge, which is necessary for understanding, what kind of web hosts are offered to you. The next step would be to find an affordable and suitable host.

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