Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why People Dislike PopUps

By Karen Wiggens

You need to look a little something up so you type your issue into Google. You then select one of many results that Google provides and click on it. Then, once the web page loads, you get a surprise.

Instead of viewing the page that is designed to have the content you need, you are forced to deal with a pop up. The pop up is an annoying advertisement and no matter how many times you try to close it, it won't go away--unless you give it your e-mail address. Eventually you just close down your browser completely because you get so annoyed. The owner of that site has gotten the better of you!

So many people hate pop ups-and with justification. They're aggravating. They are usually intrusive. If they play audio they could get you in trouble with your boss (or anybody else in the room). They offer crazy things. If you wish to close them you usually have to give up your personal info. Some even place malware and cookies inside your computer systems. There aren't very many people who really like experiencing pop-ups and yet most IMers continue to use them. Why is this?

The sorry and easy truth is that Internet Marketers use pop up banner ads because they work. They receive focus. They aid marketers create e-mail marketing directories.

It has been proven again and again that a pop up ad will generate more opt ins than an opt in box placed in a sidebar or in the body of a web page. Sometimes even direct sales occur as a result of them. Sadly, these dumb pests truly get the job done a lot of the time so, unless someone can make a better tool to use, most Web marketers are probably going to keep using them. In fact a few advertisers have found a lot of these email lists to be great for promoting their products such as the web stats ninja blog traffic analyzer.

Of course it doesn't mean that those exact same IMers must keep using them. What is the worth of an e-mail address that's only received through duress? Most of the time that particular person will decide to opt out of your list once they collect their first e-mail. How great can visitors be when nearly all of it clicks away because it is offended by your ad? Of course you need to make money but really--is this the only strategy to do it? There ought to be a better option for someone who wants to make and build an e-mail list to help them sell things.

The simple fact is actually this: if you have a good product, you aren't going to need a pop up if you can present that product well. Concentrate first on setting up a high quality product so that you won't have to rely on an annoying pop up to get the job done for you. Compose a persuasive sales page or splash page. Grab the reader's interest then don't give it back using just the power behind your copy and site content. The truth is that an online Marketer will only find success and profit online if he or she creates something that someone else finds valuable. No pop up ad will ever have the capacity to replace the true value of a product.

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